Our Mission

Here at Super SEO Guy our mission is to help your website reach its maximum potential. We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide an affordable yet professional and excellent product.


As a US Navy Veteran, I protected people for years on US soil and on foreign soil. Yet when I got out, I still felt the need and want to do more for those same people I was willing to give my life for. Thanks to our partnership with Noaviv Design & Development I am now able to do this!

As I child and even still today Superman was one of my favorite heroes and I know I’m not alone in this. It is with that in mind we decided to make a Super Hero that people can count on to help them out in their time of need! With that said Super SEO Guy is excited to be able to give back to not only the communities but the mom and pop shops that we all grew up buying things from. It’s our hope that we can provide an affordable fighting chance to the smaller businesses who would otherwise have no one to turn to.

Who is Noaviv?

Noaviv Web Design & DevelopmentNoaviv Website & Development started as a single freelancer in the late 90s learning to make websites. It has since grown to do custom development and graphic design for companies such as Godinger Silver, Gracious Home NY and Law 4 Small Business.

I found myself wanted to get back to basics and use all I had learned along the way to serve small businesses and create more personal experiences. And so, Super SEO Guy was born with the goal to help businesses boost their exposure and engagement without sacrificing great design and usability.

Super SEO Guy may be a new business and division of Noaviv, but it benefits from Noaviv’s 20 years of experience in the field of web design, graphic design and internet marketing.

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